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Special features at the assembly of the Spider.
All Aluteile were plastic-coated or anodized, all steel or sheet metal parts were also plastic-coated or galvanized.
Brake lines are made Kunifer, Bremsschläuche steel flex. All is not relevant fittings are made of stainless steel.
Small parts such as angle brackets, etc. were made of stainless steel.



Main frame and aid were anodized frame.



Small parts are plastic-coated or galvanized.


Washers with a special measure has been made of stainless steel.








Springs were Chromium steam (an art painting).




A very impressive Ultimativ braking system.



Brake has been replaced by Kunifer (stainless).




Engine and gearbox were Detlef Grewenig repaired.


Individual production of gas holder in stainless steel.



Forward original belt was laminated.


Body parts of the body were replaced by stainless steel.